Fifty Shades of …The Passion?!

I know what you are thinking…


What was this guy thinking?


Let me clarify. See, Fifty Shades of Grey the movie came out this Valentines Day. When the book first came out, I heard it was a steller hit. People lined up to get this book, and there was more craze and rave over this than any other book at that time. (Think of Twilight only with alot more…belts.)

But, what interested me about the movie buzz was about how many people were actually getting upset over the movie. What was once a praised book is now becoming a hated film. I check my Facebook page to see it lit up with phrases like “non-consensual sex” and “anti-women” over this movie. It brought me back to the days of “The Passion of the Christ” in which, instead of talking about the movie’s subject matter, people were more outraged over the supposed rumor that the Jews were portrayed as the bad guys.

Now, I’m far from sticking up for Fifty or its message. I’ve neither read the book nor seen the movie. I choose to spend my movie money on better films, and use my library card on better books.

But I think we all need to look at how much more we love drama than we do a little kinky sex on screen, don’t you think?


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